Family Support 

The family support service in Derby is provided by Aquarius who help individuals and families who are affected by drug and alcohol use.

Who is the service for?

The service offers support to:

  • Families when a parent uses drugs or alcohol
  • People affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use
  • 10-18 year olds affected by a parent or carer who uses drugs or alcohol.

What does the service do?‌

1. Support for family members 

Living with someone who has a drug or alcohol problem can be worrying and stressful. The service provides one-to-one support for adults affected by someone else's drug and alcohol use and also runs a young carers programme called Choices for young people 10-18 years who are affected by a parent or carers alcohol or drug use. The service provides a safe place for you to talk about your concerns and can help you to develop coping strategies to manage difficult situations.

2. Support for parents who use 

If you are a parent with a drug or alcohol problem extra support can be provided. The service works with the whole family to support parents through their drug or alcohol treatment. They offer extra support to minimise the impact of drug and alcohol use on children and support families when parental drug or alcohol use leads to concerns about children's wellbeing.

Contact Information

Depending on your needs the service provides appointments in the home, at different community venues as well as at St Andrews House, St Peters Church Yard and 2 Wilson Street.

Family Support Service (Aquarius).

St Andrews House
201 London Road

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Call: 0300 790 0265 (Option 3 on menu for Aquarius)